PLEASE NOTE: A few days ago, for the first time in 7 years, our web-site got “hacked.” So, we have moved to another host/server that supposedly has a more secure “wrapper” that controls access to the content. The bad news is that the new “wrapper” doesn’t recognize the content in the old “wrapper.” The good news is that we have been wanting to update the content for awhile anyway – so now we are being forced to do something we have wanted to do anyway. A couple pdf essays have been transferred along with the Catalog-7b. The bad news is that the download time is slow – it is there, but will take awhile.  PLEASE BEAR WITH US. Don’t forget, we can mail you a catalog – just call. We recently (a few weeks ago) installed a huge monument, 8 1/2′ tall by 6′ wide, custom made to our design, in black granite with fluted black granite columns and a handcarved granite statue on top. It is absolutely stunning. To see click here:  Thank you.  The wise old owl.

Cemetery Sales Company

New article on buying headstone on the internet: Buy Your Tombstone Over The Internet?

New article on euphemisms in the death business: Euphemisms – or – A Rose by Any Other Name

Updated 2018 Catalog – Expanded Headstone Information – New Products

Since the late 1980s we have used our registered trademark, “the wise old owl watching your time run out” to identify our company. While the owner doesn’t know how “wise” he is, he does know that everything we sell has been personally selected for quality with value. Take a look at our Catalog for more details.

We hope you find our site interesting. If you have questions, would like a printed catalog mailed to you, have comments or wish additional information give us a call, or, click on the Contact Us page. And check out the Industry Insider and Passing Scene pages for thought provoking articles, or, check out Headstones & Monuments to see samples and an article on the proper way to install a monument. Also, check out Disinterments & Exhumations to actually see how one is done.