Bevel Markers – Lower Height Stand-up Headstones…

The next size up from grass, or ground, level headstones is the bevel. Single size is 2′ wide and 1′ deep. Double width usually runs 3′. These are much thicker than grass markers and the top is slightly angled, or beveled. They can be made in any color stone (like all the others) and in whatever design you like.  Inscriptions, lettering, emblems are included in our price.  The higher part (at the rear of the stone) can range from 6″, 8″, 10″ or more with typical height being 8″.  The are designed to be installed above ground, so you have a stand-up marker for less than a wedge and not a lot more than an in ground, flat grass marker.


This really distinctive bevel is in American black granite (quarried in Pennsylvania). It is very highly polished – you can see the reflections in the stone. It was laid out with special designs at the upper corners  to match a bench with similar design the father had purchased previously. The diamond has special significance for his deceased son.


This bevel is in standard gray granite. The lady was a school teacher for many years – hence the school house emblem and open book design.


Here is a standard size (single) bevel but laid out and used as a double. No extra charge for this. The stone is Rustic Rose granite from southwestern Ontario in Canada. Very nice way to get an inexpensive double headstone for the price of a single.


Here is an interesting bevel in standard gray granite. The wife wanted a “wolfe” symbol to symbolize their last name. They owned a trucking company – hence the truck emblem. This is all included in our basic price. Whether your need is for a plain, simple design, or, something with a lot on it, the cost is the same.


The bevel, in Rustic Rose granite, has a porcelain portrait inserted into a recess machined into the surface of the stone. It also has her signature on it – at the request of the family. You can have your signature engraved into the stone although that does cost extra – we have to “clean” the signature (separate it from back ground), and often has to be taken from old documents. Interesting request.


This bevel headstone is an interesting lay-out in standard gray granite with portrait recessed into the stone. The simple candle and plain border is an exact reproduction of a stone the family had bought many years ago from another dealer. It was installed right next to the original one so they match. If you need a stone reproduced to match another one, we can handle it for you.


This bevel, in Rustic Rose granite, is the same design as that on the Willie Brown flat, grass marker shown in flat grass markers samples.  You can put whatever design and lay-out you want on ANY size headstone. Engraving included in price. You could even use this design on a monument if you wanted to.


The above bevel, in standard gray granite, has a laser etched portrait on black granite actually inserted into the gray granite headstone. This is a relatively inexcpensive way to get a larger, laser etched image onto the less expensive basic gray granite. Otherwise, you would have to purchase the whole stone in the much more expensive black granite to allow lasering.


This is a double width (3′ wide) bevel in standard gray granite. Simple, clean looking lay-out for two people in a single panel – one frosted area for all lettering. It was placed on two, side-by-side graves.


Another double width bevel marker in the Rustic Rose granite. This design has 3 panels (frosted area for lettering) with two open books for the first names. We can arrange your headstone in any lay-out you wish. You can pick from 100s of stock designs, or, draw your own.


The bevel headstones are a nice compromise between the lower priced flat grass, or ground level, headstones and the more expensive wedges. And, unlike the ground level stones, they do stand-up above ground level.  Call us. We can help you get something nice.