Monuments – Larger Two Piece Headstones…

Monuments are larger, two piece headstones. The upright piece is referred to as the die, or, tablet. The lower piece, on which the upright rests, is referred to as the base. They can range in size from very small, not much higher than a wedge marker, to 3′, 4′ and much, much larger. In fact, we recently installed a monument consisting of 6 major pieces nearly 8 1/2′ in height and weighing over 3 tons (see here). Generally, anything over 3′ – 3 1/2′ is “pinned” – holes drilled in both pieces and steel rods used extending into both pieces. And, they can be even larger. However, the typical monument you generally see in a cemetery runs between 2′ and 3′ in overall height and a width between 2 1/2′ and 5′ and weighing an average of 1/2 ton more/less. They generally cost more than wedges, though a smaller one in basic gray might run less than a fancy wedge with base and vases. The starting cost of a monument is based on the size (cubic footage) to which is added stone color, and other additions (such as photos, laser etching etc.). We do not charge extra for design work, lettering, emblems, inscriptions etc. Below are just a very few of the monuments we have produced and installed over the years and have been selected to show a variety and how yours can be personalized also.


Above is a typical size we often sell – 24 wide by 8 thick and 24 high on a 30 wide by 12 deep by 8 high. The monument is used as a double, however, this size is also used ofter as a single – this sits on a single grave used double depth. The upright is in absolute black stone (required for the laser etching) on an Americal black base. The laser etching is striking. He was an attorney (hence the scales) and she was a nurse practitioner (hence the nurses emblem). The family wanted something to symbolize rising (hence the stairway and clouds). It is a very personalized and individualized monument.


This monument is the same size as the previous one, in basic gray. Also much less expensive than the one above. The daughter actually drew the wrenches in honor of her father who was a skilled mechanic and whom she misses. Our motto is “if each life is unique, then each headstone should be too.” We specialize in helping our customers personalize their headstones.


Here we have a double width monument in basic gray granite with a larger base (4′ wide) to allow for vases. It staddles two side by side graves and is a simple, clean design.


This heart shaped monument is made in Rustic Rose granite (quarried in southwestern Ontario). Slightly thinner than the ones above, it is fully polished on the sides/top. Very nice monument.


The is a very large monument in the Rustic Rose stone. 4′ in overall width and nearly 3 1/2′ in height it weighs slightly over 1 ton. It was pinned together and we used a special extra strong concrete for the foundation. The customer was a retired pilot with symbols for the different airlines he worked for. This monument covers two graves with two additional graves (one on each side) next to this. The clear space you see on this monument allows for additional names in the future as he was unsure which of his family will be using the graves. This is a very impressive monument.


This stone, in American black granite, is a bit larger than normally used for a single with a 3 1/2′ overall width and a 3′ height. It allows enough “real estate” for an open layout and an elegant sense to it. The porcellain portrait was recessed into the stone itself. Very sharp.


This interesting monument, in the Rustic rose granite, was recently converted from a single monument for her into a double “wing” monument.  He only purchased a single monument for her. Later, when he died, the family wanted a double monument. It seemed a waste to discard her very nice monument, so we duplicated hers for the man, disassembled her monument and placed it on a large 5′ base and put a vase between the two uprights. You can select this style, double “wing” monument, using smaller or different sized uprights. This style creates a very, very sharp looking monument.


Above is a smaller sized monument, in basic gray, only 2′ in overall width. This size gets you a nice looking monument at lower cost. This particular example was purchased for a young man who died tragically at age 16 and loved hockey – hence the hockey sticks.


This is another example of a smaller width upright in the Rustic Rose granite but with a slightly wider base (2 1/2′) which allows room for a vase. The overall height on this type is the same as the larger standard size monuments, but is priced very reasonably. It looks very sharp.


The example, in standard gray, is included to illustrate we can provide stones engraved with various languages. We have done them in different languages including Hebrew. This has a Spanish inscription.


The above examples are intended to illustrate the wide variety we can provide. You don’t have to pick from these. In fact, we have had people bring in their own drawings and have produced nice headstones from their design. Or, you can pick from 100s of stock designs and lay-outs. Let us help you get something nice at a price you can afford. Call today.