You Can Take It With You When You’re Gone…..

They say you can’t take it with you when you’re gone…. but here’s a way, at least partially.

The gentleman who purchased this, which we completed and installed just recently, told me that he had always wanted a distinctive headstone. He also made the point, very true, that you’re only going to purchase one in your life. What he ended up with is a stunning monument, really a work of art, that he can admire while he is here, and, will have by him always after he is gone.

Except for the statue, which is a “stock” item, the design and pieces were all custom made from our layout and specifications.

This stunning monument is approximately 8 1/2′ in height and 6′ in width. It is all in imported black granite, consists of 6 major pieces, all pinned and epoxied together, and has a porcelain photo inserted into a recess machined into the stone itself. The columns are fluted to add distinction. The overall weight exceeds 3 tons.

The back has an image of their house, which he and his wife are very proud of, lasered onto the black surface. It stands out with almost photographic quality.

The “wise old owl” can provide almost anything you want, ranging from low priced flat stones starting at a few hundred dollars to large, distinctive “works of art” such as the above running into the 10s of thousands. Let us help you with your needs. Call today.

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