Basic Headstones – Grass Markers Flush with the Ground…

The basic headstone is a flat marker that is installed flush with the ground. These do the job of identifying the grave, and, are relatively inexpensive. They can range in size from a basic 2′ wide x 1′ high through larger 2′ wide by 1 1/4′ high or even bigger.  A typical grass marker used as a double (to cover two graves) might be 3′ wide. Cemetery rules permitting, you can however use a single wide headstone as a double. There is no extra charge for this. The stones shown below are only a very tiny fraction of the designs, sizes, color stones, etc. that we can provide, and, indeed, have sold and installed over many decades.

This striking stone is in imported black granite with a life-like, laser etched portait on it. The young man, obviously, played football in high school. I t is single sized (24 wide x 12 high x 4 thick) but can be readily used as a double with a couple’s portrait just as well and at the same price as for single use.
Above is also a single sized headstone but lettered and used as a double. We do not charge extra for this. This stone is in Rustic Rose granite which comes from southwest Ontario in Canada. This color stone costs little more than basic gray, is of good quality and very attractive.
This one is a single used as a single. As you can see, the deceased was a Veteran –  Air Force. You can use almost any symbol or emblem and inscription to personalize it for you. This is included in the price. The above stone is in basic gray – the least expensive but will last just as long. Unlike some, we litho all our stones in the base price (unless you request otherwise) as the dark lithographic ink makes the lettering and design stand out.


The above stone is in Absolute black, the most expensive black stone which is quarried in South Africa. The inscription and nick-name were done with reverse litho – white litho against the polished black background which really stands out. We can custom lay-out your stone however you like it and design work is included in the basic charge. By the way, this particulat stone was picked up here and the customer had it installed in Indiana. We have people do this regularly because of our high quality workmanship and reasonable pricing.


Above is a simple, single with a religious theme. The engraved picture is included in the base price and the stone is Rustic Rose.


Moving to a bit larger size, the above stone, in basic gray, is 24 wide by 16 high and 4 thick. A sister purchased it for her beloved brother and they are to be buried together. Note the emblems – he loved fishing and she liked to cook. We always try to personalize your headstone where possible – our motto is “if every life is unique, then every headstone should be too.”


Above is a very simple layout, yet elegant in style and design engraved in stunning black granite with reverse litho contrasted with the highly polished black background.


Above is another slightly over-sized single used as a double. In standard gray granite, it is shown mainly because of the special emblem the customer wanted to honor his Irish background. Naturally this is included in the price. We can provide almost anything you can think of as significant for you and your family.


Above is a nice 36 wide by 12 high by 4 thick in the Rustic Rose stone. The design is clean but attractive, however, we have many, many stock designs you can pick from, or, you can design and lay out your own. The width is enough that 1/2 goes over one grave, the other half over the other grave.


Above, in standard gray granite, is laid out for THREE names, yet is the same size as the double shown above. Also, it is a very clean design. The point is, we can lay out your headstone however you wish and it is included in the price of the stone. Let us help you with your needs.