Wedge Markers – Nice Visible Stand-up Headstones…

A wedge marker, sometimes called a slant, is a nice compromise between the less expensive grass markers and a more expensive monuments. The basic stone (the size that we use – although we can provide any size you want) stands 16″ high (almost 1 1/2′ foot), or, if mounted on a base, even higher. Like the grass markers they can be single width (24 wide, 10 thick and 16 high) and used as a double, or, used as a single. Below are just a few samples of the many, many we have produced and installed over the decades. Like the other type stones they can be made in a wide variety of colors. Any design you see on other sizes of headstones can be adapted for use on a wedge – or vice versa for that matter.


This very attractive wedge marker, in the Rustic Rose stone quarried in south-western Ontario, was mounted on a base large enough to allow room for mounting two vases. Although single width,  it is used as a double without crowding. This is a very attractive set-up and can be had in any color.


This stone, also in Rustic Rose granite, is the same size as the one above, but used as a single, and, without a base under it. The base does add some to the cost and is not absolutely needed. However, it does add to height and distinction of the headstone. Your choice. Naturally, emblems, lettering, incriptions included in our price.


Above is a single, in basic gray granite, used as a double and mounted on a base. The choice is yours about the base. The only time a base is required is under the upright monument type of headstone. This is a sharp looking stone, although you can select the design, emblems and inscription you want. Everything engraved into the stone is included.


Here is another single wide used as a double. The above stone is in the standard grey granite – yet it looks a little greenish in color. This is because granite stones change appearance slightly depending on humidity, light conditions etc. This particular stone, without base, was installed in a very shady area of a local cemetery on a very humid day. Note the inscription which is interesting.


Above is a standard size, wedge marker in standard gray granite, but, is cut in what is referred to as “western” style.  Most of the stones we sell have a serpentine top (curved) top. The western style is straight across, with no “nosing” at the bottom. This allows the entire face to be polished and a larger area for inscription and lettering. The choice is yours – both styles are the same price.


Above is a standard size wedge marker, without a base, made from American Black granite – quarried in Pennsylvania. The family wanted the special “K” symbol which we provided.


Above is a standard size wedge in standard gray. It is included because of the emblems and inscription. The lady who purchased this is still very active and has enjoyed dancing all her life – in case you can’t tell from the headstone. Her physical activity has no doubt kept her in good shape, but, she recently decided it was time to get her headstone taken care of. We use the motto “if every life is unique, then every headstone should be too.” This headstone is uniquely hers. Of course, we can help you make your headstone unique as well. Note: what appears to be a low ” base” in the picture is actually a precast concrete pad sitting on regular concrete below. This is the way we install most of our foundations (see the article on installing headstones), but when the cemetery does the foundation, we have to set the stone on their foundation.


Moving up to double wide wedges, above is 36 wide by 16 high bonded to a 48 wide base. This leaves enought room to mount two vases. This is a very attractive set-up and is installed on two graves, side by side.


Again, a double width wedge marker in standard gray granite but without the base. As mentioned above what appears to be a low base is actually a pre-cast concrete pad which sits on concrete. This a nice clean design, but we can furnish any design.


Another double wide wedge, but this one is in the “western” style (same price as serpentine top), in standard gray but mounted on a 48 wide base – large enough for vases if the customer decides later to add them. This customer downloaded this design from the internet – we can reproduce just about anything you want. They had owned a local salvage yard, hence the old car emblem.

We can help you with your headstone needs. Give us a call for an appointment, or, we can mail you a catalog, or, you can download one from this web-site.