Specialty Monuments – Unusual Applications…

Monuments can be “converted” from one use to another.  Something intended for one purpose can be converted to serve another, thus creating a distinctive, unusual application. A couple of examples are shown below, including changing a regular single monument into a double monument by “building onto it”  – sort of like adding a room onto your house.


This is a roof top columbarium unit – intended to store cremated remains. We installed this particular unit a couple years ago in a small. rural town in Illinois. As a matter of fact, we had to cart it across the Mississippi River on a ferry boat to get there. As an aside, the lady who purchased it told me later we had saved her $1,500 over what another dealer was going to charge her for the same thing – our pricing is generally quite reasonable for the quality and workmanship you are getting. This identical unit can be also be used as a regular monument, marking a regular burial site. It is quite distinctive and eye catching.


A gentleman purchased the above from us a few years ago. He declined to purchase a double even though we suggested it. He subsequently died and the family wanted a double headstone – one unit for both their father and their mother. Rather than discard a quality, well made headstone, we suggested simply saving the mother’s upright, making an identical upright for the man, and, installing both together as a double. It was a real pain separating the upright piece from the base as enough time had passed that it had bonded together. When we raised the upright piece the base came right off the ground with it. We had to chisel the two pieces apart. However, it was worth it. You can see the results below.


Above are the results from converting a single monument for one person into a distictive and unique monument for two. It looks as though it was originally designed as a double and is very nice. We can help you with any special problems or upgrades or changes you might require.


Above is another example of something intended for one use that can easily be used for another. The cremation bench shown above is normally used for storing cremated remains, but, it can just as easily be used as a specialty monument used to mark a burial site. Works just as well, and, looks distinctive and not like everybody elses. This is in standard gray granite.

Above examples are just a few of the many ways we help our customers get something unique and special for themselves and their deceased loved ones.  Call today – let us help you.